FTM-002 comes from Wil Russell (AKA The Vast Profound)
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Wil Russell
The Vast ProfoundFTM-002

1  00:00:00  Artec – Sweet Music – Alucidnation [Big Chill]
2  00:06:30  Derek Carr – A Hundred Dreams [Matter At Hand Just Jack]
3  00:10:50  G-Prod – Aquarel [Forthcoming Fourier Transform]
4  00:17:00  David Alvarado – Beautification – Maya Songs [Peacefrog Records]
5  00:21:50  G-Prod – Disobedience [Forthcoming Fourier Transform]
6  00:27:45  Unknown Artist (So Inagawa) – Maboroshi [Chikyu-u Records]
7  00:35:00  Justin Berman – A Week Of Nights [Sud Up Recordings]
8  00:40:50  Andy Hart – Soroyamas Fantasy A Mistress In Your Mind [Voyager]
9  00:46:00  Sasha G – Evening On The Beach Tonight EP [Music Essentials]
10  00:52:00  Point Blank – A Game Of Two Halves [Phono]


Wil Russell – part label owner and recording artist “The Vast Profound”, started buying records in the early 80’s collecting the Street Sounds Electro LP’s and some of the singles which featured on them.

After the Hip Hop scene took a turn towards more aggressive tracks he stopped collecting or listening to any music, until his interest was rekindled in the late 80’s & early 90’s with a new sound of breakbeats, techno, house, ambient and electronic music.

Raves and free parties further influenced his record collecting and DJ style. Fast forward to 2020 and he now has a collection of 8000 plus records and a huge knowledge of forgotten gems and underground musical masterpieces.

Deep and melodic is what you will be likely to get.