FTM-013 comes from ReKaB
(For more info and the tracks in their mix, click on the tabs underneath.)
1 – Spacetime Continuum – Floursence – (Reflective Records)
2 – George Fields – Swarm of Ants – (UTS Records)
3 – Satoshi & Makoto – Updraft (Safe-Trip)
4 – Tangerine dream – Love on a real train (Virgin)
5 – Ourra presents: James merriwether jr.  – Platinum city (Star Creature)
6 – Tagwell Woods – Bench on the hill (Distant Worlds)
7 – I.A.O – Love (Left Ear Eecords)
8 – George Fields – Wasp (UTS records)
8 – Kirk Degiorgio -Leave Everything Behind (Neroli)
9 – Hedon The Cat – Bellaris (Wandering Music)
10 – Sam Mcqueen – wicker park sunrise (Art Less)
11 – Model 500 – Starlight- Soultek Mix- (Metroplex)
12 – Roger van lunteren – Spatzunder (Firescope)
13 – Cignol – Altered Sense (Altered Sense)
14 – Two Lone Swordsmen – Spin Desire – (Emissions Audio Output)
14 – Gilbert -signs of hope (Were Going Deep)
15 – The Jaffa Kid – Haiti (Deeptrax)
16 – Motion Process – Freeforms (Life Notes)
17 – Ballet Mechanique – Evolutionary Entities (Delsin)
18 – Darren Nye – Hidden in Plain Sight (Magnotnic Signals)
19 – Arne Wienberg – March of the Mutants (Frantic Flowers )
20 – John Beltran – Now the clouds have Gone (7th sign )
21 – Obsolete Music Technology – Voltage Player (Dolly)
22 – Dj Skull – The Kissing Game (Djax-up Beats )
23 – Vince Watson – Fragment V (Indigo Aera)
24 – John Beltran – Love Freq (Furthur Electronix)
25 – H. Russell-ashe – Kivaaluun  (Kavalanic Languages)
26 – Taupe – Penthos (Impress)

ReKab (James Baker) is from the coastal town of Bridport, in the SW of England. A town rich in Musical and Artistic history and output. He grew up listening to electronic music being played by his big brother in their shared bedroom. Yazoo, Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode and Acid House soon found its way in to the speakers.
Some early influences include the likes of Kraftwerk, B12, early Warp releases, R&S, As One and Detroit techno (which is still the driving passion for Rekab) plus the 90’s uk techno sound. All provided early on by Colin Dales’ Kiss Fm show that mates shared with James on cassette.

James learned to mix in the very early 90’s with DJ friend Ben.T who was already DJing the circuit, at the local youth club. The club had invested in decks and soundsystem to keep the young Vinyl Junkies occupied.
Local clubs and free parties were next and occasionally to be found soothing the ears of punters at Glastonbury

James has been playing around with music making in one form or another for many years. But It was in 2019 that the ReKab sound was finally realised and he had the first ReKab release on Where We Met records that same year.
Since then, other releases have appeared on Withhold, Intellitronic Bubble, Móatún 7 and there are releases forthcoming on. We’re Going Deep, NightFlight and Altered Sense.

ReKab’s music is effortlessly deep, emotional and carries the listener through a story of sounds and ideas from start to finish. Which is why he has received such great praise from the likes of Telematic Audio, the huge ‘We’re going Deep’ group on FB and Damo-B from Outer Limits radio amongst others.

Look out for the recently released MOA073 from Móatún 7 alongside fellow producer and friend, MXM.