FTM-003 comes from Ingo Zobel.
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Ingo Zobel
Ingo ZobelFTM-003

1 (00:00:00) Morphology Plankton Morphology – Plankton (EP) AC Records
2 (00:05:06) Steven Rutter & Kirk Degiorgio Encapsulation Steven Rutter & Kirk Degiorgio – Braconian Beta (EP) Firescope Records
3 (00:09:32) _Nyquist Abstract Minds Various – Oh Shuper 002 (Compilation EP) Intellitronic Bubble
4 (00:15:05) Conforce Axis Perpendicular Conforce – Dawn Chorus (Album) Delsin Records
5 (00:21:34) Pub Film (Springing Daisy’s Mix) Pub – Legless (Album) Ampoule
6 (00:28:48) Nullptr Operator Theory Nullptr – Convergence (EP) Between Places
7 (00:33:03) Area Forty_One Nocturnal Passions Part I Area Forty_One – Nocturnal Passions Part I (EP) Delsin Records
8 (00:38:29) CRC Freefall CRC – Decay (EP) Zyntax Motorcity
9 (00:42:11) John Shima Intel John Shima – The Lonely Machine (Album) Firescope Records
10 (00:45:38 ) Microsmiles Drugs Are Right Atom ™ presents Acid Evolution 1988 – 2003 (Album) Logistic Records
11 (00:49:33) Sensorama Quarzzeit Sensorama – Welcome Insel (Album) Ladomat 2000
12 (00:55:17) Matthew Dear Don And Sherri Matthew Dear – Asa Breed (Album) Ghostly International
13 (00:58:21) Jedi Knights Solina Jedi Knights – Jedi Selector (Album Compilation) Smugg Records
14 (01:03:26) Lassigue Bendthaus Render (U.S.-ID Mix) Lassigue Bendthaus – Render Audible (US Remixes) (Album) KK Records
15 (01:08:18) WRNR Like Dolphins Can Swim MOA013 Sven Kössler vs. WRNR (Split Single) Moatun7


During his youth german Ingo Zobel developed a deep passion for electronic music, which was further reinforced by his affection for computer technology.
He eventually started going into clubs, intrigued by the mixing skills of the DJ’s.  In the late eighties he got into collecting all sorts of electronic music as well as recording mix tapes for his friends. A few years later in 1993 he started building a home studio for electronic music and began composing his own tunes.

Between 1996 and 1997 he and some of his friends organised several underground parties under the name “Spaced Out Club”, him being the DJ and playing a wild mix of IDM, Braindance, Acid, Breakbeat, House and Techno. During that time he also founded the electronica band “Drøn” with his friends Christoph Abert and Frederik Dahlke, which is  his main music project since then.

From 1998 until 1999 he played several guest DJ sets at the “Orbital Jazz Club”, which took place at the then quite famous german underground club “Cafe Kesselhaus” in Darmstadt.

In 1999 his career as a musician took shape, when Drøn was signed by the internationally known label Elektrolux, followed by the release of several albums and compilation tracks. Some of their music was featured on the german television programs “Space Night” and “Flow Motion”. Drøn also played a 3 hour DJ set for the german HR-XXL Chillout radio program.

Since then he has released music under the names Drøn, Signalform (a Drøn side project), Self Oscillate (his solo imprint), Interconnected (a collaboration with Bakis Sirros of Parallel Worlds) and Datasette (a collaboration with Christoph Soehngen, not to be confused with John Davies’ project Datassette). He worked together with lots of different labels in the past, more recently he released music on the labels Touched Music, Touched Electronix, Furthur Electronix, Mighty Force, Moatun7, Intellitronic Bubble, Neotantra, Neo Ouija and Fantasy Enhancing. Counting all collaborations and solo work, he has released a total of 13 albums and appeared on more than 25 compilations so far.