FTM-014 comes from Deby Carter
(For more info and the tracks in her mix, click on the tabs underneath.)
Deby Carter
Deby Carter's Deep Dark MixFTM-014

1 – Wave Hut – Arapu
2 – Spherical – A2 Zorg
3 – Reisefieber – Apoll
4 – They Say – Black Loops
5 – Mahkayah Illyricum- Etzo
6 – Bear with Me – Coast to Coast
7 – Space Between Dub – Cristi Cons & DeWalta
8 – Never Back (Janeret Remix) – Steve O’Sullivan
9 – Senin 2 – Bryz
10 – A – Hostom 003
11 – Misty Lake – Mark Alow
12 – First Light – Django Django
13 – 070 Shake – Microdosing
14 – Walk Talk – The Call
15 – Day & Night – Marco Carola
16 – Moonbeams – Mark Alow
17 – Luna Llena – Pedro Hess
18 – Midnight Shadows – JazzKat
19 – Northern Light – Moses Hazl
20 – Ozone – Giskard
21 – Trip to another Planet – Mori Sound


Deby is both a connoisseur and fine purveyor of all things music. Her interest in music started after being immersed in in her fathers extensive collection of music from an early age. A school trip to Germany piqued her interest further and her passion for vinyl began initially being drawn to electro and streetsounds.
Acid House had arrived and her musical tastes moved into the new 808 and 909 sounds that were rinsing it in clubs up and down the country. Her passion for dance music had ignited and she found herself spending all her time buying records, visiting record shops, going to clubs, parties and warehouse raves. Her music then refined into Deep House, Tech House and Techno, the real passion though, was for Techno, a regular at Lost, she fell in love with the sound, music and atmosphere.
Her dj’ing debut was at legendary party Wiggle and she has gone on to play at other top events such as Kerfuffle, Positive Sounds, Sunny Side Up & many more as well as numerous parties across the UK and Croatia, also in demand on the airwaves with countless guest spots on internet radio shows.
Deby has been lucky enough to play alongside some amazing DJ’s including Eddie Richards, Richard Grey, Colin Dale, Gideon Jackson, Nathan Coles, Murf and Liz Edwards (RIP) to name a few.