FTM-005 comes from Aztek
(For more info and the tracks in their mix, click on the tabs underneath.)

Inkipak – The Tangible Ephemeral (G-Prod Mix) [Forthcoming on Fourier Transform]
Ionică – Kenopsia [The Lab Records]
Macarie – Plângând pe cal [Alter Hour]
Mrsch – Inner Space
Andy Kneale – Darren is Out Of The Closet [Forthcoming on Fourier Transform]
Barut – Clonza
C-Leeon – Metoda G
Teluric – Orange Sunset [White Label]
Mastrev – Make Sushi [The Lab Records]
10  Langer – Aero One [Forthcoming on Fourier Transform]
11  WAV – Riff
12  Mrsch – Incotro
13  Mryn – Deux Categories [The Lab Records]
14  Barut – Venicse
15  Befog – Do it Wrong – The Cave EP. [All Inn Black]


Aztek’s love for DJing started in 1979, as a hobby playing for friends, which soon expanded and became a career.

Aztek DJ’d at various Pubs & Clubs in his area, plus a Slot on a well known UK radio station, where he specialised in playing Jazz Funk & Soul. This gave him the break he needed, which then lead him into the Acid House Scene and onto Techno.

His love, passion and dedication to the underground scene has never wavered, making him one of the most respected Underground DJ’s of all time.

He is one of the original pioneering DJ’s, always looking for, and bringing forward the new sounds to the scene, keeping it alive and progressing. He is a true master of the decks and has DJ’d across the world from the UK to Australia, Europe to Japan…  DJing to crowds who love him…

Because of his love of the underground dance scene he has played at many free parties. These include: Spiral Tribe, Bedlam, Circus Normal, Circus Lunatic, Circus Irritant, Lazy House, L.S.Diezal, Underground Sound, United Systems, Unsound, Teethout Productions Etc!

​He has DJ’d alongside some of the most influential DJ/Producers: Such As Joey Beltram, Mr. C’, Carl Cox, The Liberators….

His First Release Was a Collaboration With Jimmi Fingaz, They Went Under The Name Of ‘The Free Fall Project’, Title Of Track:

A, Side, Solarize. B, Side, Electro-1. It Was Released On Plink Plonk Recordings.

If Aztek hasn’t played for you already, I suggest you book him! Check out his mixes, ranging from Club beats to deeper Bar sounds, all with one thing in common… “QUALITY UNDERGROUND MUSIC..!”