FTM-007 comes from Andy Kneale
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Andy Kneale
Andy KnealeFTM-007

1   00:00:00   Sleepy & Boo Rise   3Bridge Records
2   07:10:00   SQL   Plead the 5th   Outpost Recordings
3   11:23:00   Kevin Over   Fake 89   We_R House
4   14:40:00   Tiger Stripes   Detroit   Cr2 Records
5   20:00:00   Rick Wade   Angry Orchestra   Unknown Season
6   24:00:00   Pizza Guy   Touch Sensitive (I:Cube remix)   Future Classic
7   27:30:00   Shur-I-Kan   Taking the A train   Lazy Days Music
8   31:00:00   Andy Kneale   Activated Anamoly   Espai
9   39:20:00   Manuel M   Asteroids   Tronic
10   45:30:00   Andy Kneale   Feris’ fucking Day Off   Unreleased
11   52:55:00   Matt Playford   Each Other (Kirk Degiorgio remix)   The Bricks
12   58:20:00   Hybrid   Higher Than A Skyscraper   Distinctive Records


Andy wears his influences on his sleeve. His obsession with electronic music started in the early 90s. Listening to artists such as Altern8, the Prodigy, Acen and Brothers in Rhythm. Skip to the late 90s, while at university studying Physics, he finds himself immersed in the trance and progressive house scene. It wasn’t until the early 00s that Andy became addicted to the dark and pulsing rhythms of Techno when he first listened to The Youngsters Album ‘Lemon Orange’ and the classic Funk D’Void ‘Diabla’.All these influences are obvious in Andy’s music. Full of melody, deep pads and old skool stabs, Andy’s music tries to strike at the heart of the listener.

His first EP for Hype muzik ‘Spectrum’ gained support from some of the undergrounds finest talents , including Ian O’Donovan, Madben, Mars T, to name a few. His EP ‘We thought Kraftwerk Was Robots’ gained support and plays from many DJs including UK legend Colin Dale and Nick Warren. You can rest assured, as Andy’s sound develops, interest and love for the music grows. Previous releases included on Biotech, Stripped Digital, Xenology, Espai Music. His next release on attic 49 soon is called “Into The light”, with a remix by his musical hero Funk D’Void.