DJ Mixes

Fourier Transform are proud to present a regularly updated selection of the finest DJ mixes, not only from our own artists but also from special guest DJs.

Our fifth exclusive mix comes from Aztek.

(For more info on Aztek and the tracks in his mix, click on the tabs underneath.)



Inkipak - The Tangible Ephemeral (G-Prod Mix) [Forthcoming on Fourier Transform]
Ionică - Kenopsia [The Lab Records]
Macarie - Plângând pe cal [Alter Hour]
Mrsch - Inner Space
Andy Kneale - Darren is Out Of The Closet [Forthcoming on Fourier Transform]
Barut - Clonza
C-Leeon - Metoda G
Teluric - Orange Sunset [White Label]
Mastrev - Make Sushi [The Lab Records]
10  Langer - Aero One [Forthcoming on Fourier Transform]
11  WAV - Riff
12  Mrsch - Incotro
13  Mryn - Deux Categories [The Lab Records]
14  Barut - Venicse
15  Befog - Do it Wrong - The Cave EP. [All Inn Black]


Aztek's love for DJing started in 1979, as a hobby playing for friends, which soon expanded and became a career.

Aztek DJ'd at various Pubs & Clubs in his area, plus a Slot on a well known UK radio station, where he specialised in playing Jazz Funk & Soul. This gave him the break he needed, which then lead him into the Acid House Scene and onto Techno.

His love, passion and dedication to the underground scene has never wavered, making him one of the most respected Underground DJ's of all time.

He is one of the original pioneering DJ’s, always looking for, and bringing forward the new sounds to the scene, keeping it alive and progressing. He is a true master of the decks and has DJ'd across the world from the UK to Australia, Europe to Japan...  DJing to crowds who love him...

Because of his love of the underground dance scene he has played at many free parties. These include: Spiral Tribe, Bedlam, Circus Normal, Circus Lunatic, Circus Irritant, Lazy House, L.S.Diezal, Underground Sound, United Systems, Unsound, Teethout Productions Etc!

​He has DJ'd alongside some of the most influential DJ/Producers: Such As Joey Beltram, Mr. C', Carl Cox, The Liberators....

His First Release Was a Collaboration With Jimmi Fingaz, They Went Under The Name Of 'The Free Fall Project', Title Of Track:

A, Side, Solarize. B, Side, Electro-1. It Was Released On Plink Plonk Recordings.

If Aztek hasn’t played for you already, I suggest you book him! Check out his mixes, ranging from Club beats to deeper Bar sounds, all with one thing in common... "QUALITY UNDERGROUND MUSIC..!"

Our fourth mix was from Kone-R, its available below with a download link too...



1  00:00:00  Remote_ Isolate (For Pav) - Morning [Meanwhile]
2  07:44:00  Petar Dundov - Oasis (Substance & Vainqeur remix) - Oasis [Music Man]
3  11:33:00  CV313 - Subtraktive (DeepChord Presents: Echospace (Live) Dub) [Echospace [Detroit]]
4  16:50:00  Earthen Sea - You Don't Never Know - Shadows [Kimochi]
5  23:02:00  Mike Huckaby - Jupiter - My Life With The Wave [S Y N T H]
6  28:02:00  Hadar - Flying Saucer - 01 [Hadar]
7  33:20:00  CiM - Shift - Service Pack [Delsin]
8  37:08:00  Darren Nye - Mass Relay - Excursions Into The Unknown [Polarity]
9  41:40:00  Convextion - Stiletto Caress (For Yvette) - Untitled [Down Low]
10  46:09:00  Kenny Larkin presents POD - Lifeforms - The Vanguard EP [Rush Hour]
11  53:48:00  Perseus Traxx - My Heart Jumps A Little - I Love Acid 007 [I Love Acid]
12  58:00:00  DJ Joe Lewis - Life Immoreal - Love Of My Own EP [Clone Classic Cuts]
13  01:03:56  The 4th Wave - Attention Please - Attention Please [Applied Rhythmic Technology]
14  01:08:10  Mihail P - Circuit Clout - Waves Of Magnetism [Magnonic Signals]
15  01:13:25  Khan - We're Alone - Lost Acid Tapes 2 [Furthur Electronix]
16  01:17:43  Afrodeutsche - Now What - Break Before Make [Skam]
17  01:21:26  Cool McCool - World Turns Around - Acid LP [Hot Mix 5]
18  01:27:22  Aybee - Landing Worlds [Deepblak]
19  01:31:42  As One - Irimias - Communion [De:tuned]
20  01:37:19  Round One - I'm Your Brother (Club Version) - I'm Your Brother [Main Street]


Kone-R is the man behind the Uncharted Audio record label, which has introduced the likes of Cursor Miner, LJ Kruzer, Langer, Ukkonen and plenty of other weird and wonderful sonic tomfoolery to the world.

Manning the turntables since 1992 when he discovered the joy of warehouse raves, the spirit of that era lives on in his sets today, with a liberal sprinkling of ambience, techno, breakbeats and plenty of low frequency oscillations.  

Our third mix was from Ingo Zobel (drøn / Self Oscillate), its available below with a download link too...

Ingo Zobel
Ingo ZobelFTM-003

1 (00:00:00) Morphology Plankton Morphology - Plankton (EP) AC Records
2 (00:05:06) Steven Rutter & Kirk Degiorgio Encapsulation Steven Rutter & Kirk Degiorgio - Braconian Beta (EP) Firescope Records
3 (00:09:32) _Nyquist Abstract Minds Various - Oh Shuper 002 (Compilation EP) Intellitronic Bubble
4 (00:15:05) Conforce Axis Perpendicular Conforce - Dawn Chorus (Album) Delsin Records
5 (00:21:34) Pub Film (Springing Daisy's Mix) Pub - Legless (Album) Ampoule
6 (00:28:48) Nullptr Operator Theory Nullptr - Convergence (EP) Between Places
7 (00:33:03) Area Forty_One Nocturnal Passions Part I Area Forty_One - Nocturnal Passions Part I (EP) Delsin Records
8 (00:38:29) CRC Freefall CRC - Decay (EP) Zyntax Motorcity
9 (00:42:11) John Shima Intel John Shima - The Lonely Machine (Album) Firescope Records
10 (00:45:38 ) Microsmiles Drugs Are Right Atom ™ presents Acid Evolution 1988 - 2003 (Album) Logistic Records
11 (00:49:33) Sensorama Quarzzeit Sensorama - Welcome Insel (Album) Ladomat 2000
12 (00:55:17) Matthew Dear Don And Sherri Matthew Dear - Asa Breed (Album) Ghostly International
13 (00:58:21) Jedi Knights Solina Jedi Knights - Jedi Selector (Album Compilation) Smugg Records
14 (01:03:26) Lassigue Bendthaus Render (U.S.-ID Mix) Lassigue Bendthaus - Render Audible (US Remixes) (Album) KK Records
15 (01:08:18) WRNR Like Dolphins Can Swim MOA013 Sven Kössler vs. WRNR (Split Single) Moatun7


During his youth german Ingo Zobel developed a deep passion for electronic music, which was further reinforced by his affection for computer technology.
He eventually started going into clubs, intrigued by the mixing skills of the DJ's.  In the late eighties he got into collecting all sorts of electronic music as well as recording mix tapes for his friends. A few years later in 1993 he started building a home studio for electronic music and began composing his own tunes.

Between 1996 and 1997 he and some of his friends organised several underground parties under the name "Spaced Out Club", him being the DJ and playing a wild mix of IDM, Braindance, Acid, Breakbeat, House and Techno. During that time he also founded the electronica band "Drøn" with his friends Christoph Abert and Frederik Dahlke, which is  his main music project since then.

From 1998 until 1999 he played several guest DJ sets at the "Orbital Jazz Club", which took place at the then quite famous german underground club "Cafe Kesselhaus" in Darmstadt.

In 1999 his career as a musician took shape, when Drøn was signed by the internationally known label Elektrolux, followed by the release of several albums and compilation tracks. Some of their music was featured on the german television programs "Space Night" and "Flow Motion". Drøn also played a 3 hour DJ set for the german HR-XXL Chillout radio program.

Since then he has released music under the names Drøn, Signalform (a Drøn side project), Self Oscillate (his solo imprint), Interconnected (a collaboration with Bakis Sirros of Parallel Worlds) and Datasette (a collaboration with Christoph Soehngen, not to be confused with John Davies' project Datassette). He worked together with lots of different labels in the past, more recently he released music on the labels Touched Music, Touched Electronix, Furthur Electronix, Mighty Force, Moatun7, Intellitronic Bubble, Neotantra, Neo Ouija and Fantasy Enhancing. Counting all collaborations and solo work, he has released a total of 13 albums and appeared on more than 25 compilations so far.

Our second mix was from the our very own Wil Russell (The Vast Profound), its available below with a download link too...

Wil Russell

The Vast ProfoundFTM-002

1  00:00:00  Artec - Sweet Music - Alucidnation [Big Chill]
2  00:06:30  Derek Carr - A Hundred Dreams [Matter At Hand Just Jack]
3  00:10:50  G-Prod - Aquarel [Forthcoming Fourier Transform]
4  00:17:00  David Alvarado - Beautification - Maya Songs [Peacefrog Records]
5  00:21:50  G-Prod - Disobedience [Forthcoming Fourier Transform]
6  00:27:45  Unknown Artist (So Inagawa) - Maboroshi [Chikyu-u Records]
7  00:35:00  Justin Berman - A Week Of Nights [Sud Up Recordings]
8  00:40:50  Andy Hart - Soroyamas Fantasy A Mistress In Your Mind [Voyager]
9  00:46:00  Sasha G - Evening On The Beach Tonight EP [Music Essentials]
10  00:52:00  Point Blank - A Game Of Two Halves [Phono]


Wil Russell - part label owner and recording artist "The Vast Profound", started buying records in the early 80's collecting the Street Sounds Electro LP's and some of the singles which featured on them.

After the Hip Hop scene took a turn towards more aggressive tracks he stopped collecting or listening to any music, until his interest was rekindled in the late 80's & early 90's with a new sound of breakbeats, techno, house, ambient and electronic music.

Raves and free parties further influenced his record collecting and DJ style. Fast forward to 2020 and he now has a collection of 8000 plus records and a huge knowledge of forgotten gems and underground musical masterpieces.

Deep and melodic is what you will be likely to get.

Our first mix was from the Mighty Force that is Mark Darby, its still available below and we've also added a Download link too...

Mark Darby
Mark DarbyFTM-001

1 Pushkin "Tildawn" [Touched Music]
2 Amorf "Reflections" [Amphia Records]
3 So Inagawa "Scan Runner" [Cabaret Recordings]
4 Evigt Mörker "Unity & Rose" [Semantica Records]
5 Scuba "Back to Basics" [Ovum Recordings]
6 Roger Gerressen "Draxis" [Yoyaku]
7 Drøn "Homebound" [Touched Music]
8 Stenny "Sensitive Habitat" [Ilian Tape]
9 So Inagawa "Sensibilia" [Cabaret Recordings]
10 Conforce "Carrier Signal" [Transcendent]
11 Suciu "Dusîntors" [Pressure Traxx Silver Series]
12 Hiroshi Watanabe "Infinity Sign" [Nitelist Music]


Mark Darby began his musical and political biography in history as an ex-punk, free festival activist (having briefly worked with the Stonehenge Free Festival Campaign in 1983) and later as a warehouse party organiser. This established connections with the early Eighties festival scene and involvement in organising free acid house parties which led to an informal partnership between a DJ and sound system collective based around the shop and Nottingham's DiY Sound System, with whom they collaborated to stage free parties throughout the South West during the early to mid 1990s.

In the early 90’s he became co-founder of the hugely influential Mighty Force Records, a record shop and techno label based in Exeter, Devon, South West England. The record label is best known for releasing Analogue Bubblebath by the Aphex Twin, and "My Splendid Idea" by Tom Middleton later of Global Communication, Jedi Knights, Cosmos and AMBA. Later releases included the hard to find Fog City EP by Darby and Matthew Herbert.

Although the store ceased to trade in 1995, the label relocated to London Mark continued to keep his keen musical ear tuned into the pulse of house and techno and continued to release music by deep house artists such as Peach Palf and the Classic / Music For Freaks recording artists, Luke Solomon and Justin Harris under the alias Robotic Movement until 1998. However after a 20 year hiatus The Mighty Force is now releasing music once again.

He now hosts a fantastic weekly mix-show podcast, which showcases new talent and classics and everything cool, techno, acid, electronic and deep.

Mighty Force Records - Facebook - Bandcamp - Soundcloud | Mighty Force Radio - Mixcloud archive

Sven Kössler

Sven KösslerMix Feb 2020
(00:00 - 05:36) Dominik Eulberg - Zweibrütiger Scheckenfalter (!K7)
(05:36 - 10:08) Sven Kössler & Si Matthews - Tempest (Móatún7)
(10:08 - 12:32) Gotye - Heart's a Mess (Lucky Number)
(12:32 - 18:04) Stephan Bodzin - Powers of Ten (Gabriel Ananda Remix) (Herzblut Recordings)
(18:04 - 24:11) Rüfüs - Innerbloom (H.O.S.H Remix) (Last Night on Earth)
(24:11 - 32:03) Carl Craig - At Les (Christian Smith's Tronic Treatment Mix) (Tronic)
(32:03 - 37:37) Steve Bug - Like It Should Be (Ribn’s Translucent Vox Remix) (Poker Flat Recordings)
(37:37 - 41:20) Efdemin - There Will Be Singing (DJ Koze Remix) (Dial)
(41:20 - 47:56) Blood & Tears - Drama 1 (Karateklub)
(47:56 - 54:32) Sven Kössler - Lust, Intelligence & Sensuality (unmastered mix) (Mighty Force Records)
(54:32 - 58:45) David August - Forgive Me If I Bleed (Diynamic Music)
Ingo Zobel
Ingo ZobelMix 2 Feb 2020

1 (00:00:00 - 00:05:38)  Octal Industries Borg Tekin Octal Industries - Our Seasons (Album) Vertex Recordings
2 (00:03:53 - 00:12:17)  Deep Space Network meets Higher Intelligence Agency Majoun Source Records
3 (00:09:16 - 00:17:23)  Sieg Über Die Sonne Produkt Des Lichtes Sieg Über Die Sonne - Sieg Über Die Sonne (Album) Dance Pool
4 (00:15:58 - 00:21:02)  Luke Vibert I Love Acid Luke Vibert - Yoseph (Album) Warp Records
5 (00:19:27 - 00:24:50)  Speedy J R2 D2 Speedy J - Ginger (Album) Beam Me Up!
6 (00:23:43 - 00:27:50)  Min-Y-Llan I Feel For You (Ochre Remix) Min-Y-Llan - A Distant Rainbow Rereleased (Album) Touched Music
7 (00:27:16 - 00:33:23)  Kettel The Koi Kettel - Wingtip (Album) Djak-Up-Bitch
8 (00:32:28 - 00:38:25)  Armec Etheral Various artists - Cygnus Loop (EP Compilation) Nebulae Records
9 (00:37:49 - 00:43:10)  Sound Synthesis Octagon Sound Synthesis - IC4406 (EP) Nebulae Records
10 (00:42:13 - 00:48:07)  RAC Electro Fish RAC - Diversions (Album) Warp Records
11 (00:46:58 - 00:50:46)  Karl Marx Acid Northern Lights MOA036 Moatun Acid Vol. 4 (7" Compilation) MÓATUN7
12 (00:50:02 - 00:56:45)  Drøn Eve Shores Drøn - Eve Shores (EP) Mikrolux
13 (00:55:38 - 01:02:00)  Karsten Pflum Earthday (John Tejada Remix) Karsten Pflum - Revealed (EP) Touched Revolutions
14 (01:01:03 - 01:07:22)  Cell Engine The World's End Cell Engine - Cell Engine (EP) Shameless Toady
15 (01:06:40 - 01:09:40)  Rhys Celeste Untitled 66 Rhys Celeste - Microlith (Album) Fundamental Records
16 (01:09:25 - 01:13:35)  Daed Reckoning Daed - Coordinate (EP) Analogical Force